The Factory arts venue faces huge funding shortfall

Originally costing £110m, The Factory arts centre is now expected to cost £186m and the project is currently tens of millions short of its target. Manchester City Council say they can’t fill the gap because of the dire financial straits they face due to Covid.

Salford City Council attempts to defer Police HQ court case for six months

A court case set for March between Salford Council and Stama Developments, surrounding planning refusal for the old Police HQ on the Crescent, looks set to be postponed, after a decision published by the Council states that it is “Applying to vacate a High Court hearing for a period of 6 months” for “further discussions and negotiations”.

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Black Lives Matter: Greater Manchester is not innocent

Today the trial hearing of the four ex-police officers charged with the murder of George Floyd begins in the US, whilst Mancunians demonstrate this evening as part of a national day of anti-racist solidarity. But incidents of institutional racism that have taken place in Greater Manchester in recent years remind us that there is still much work to be done here.

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