The Meteor is the alternative to big media.

We are a not-for-profit media outlet that relies on writers, tip from the public, donations and our members. Here you can find some of the  ways you can contribute and help us deliver independent quality journalism to the people of Manchester and the surrounding region.

The Meteor is the alternative to the big media corporations that are chasing their advertising click-bait model into a widening hole of oblivion. We are a new and growing not-for-profit media co-operative, with democracy at its core,  that offers the opportunity for members to be the media in Manchester, and have a real say in how we are run and what we report on. Our aim is to achieve financial sustainability, but until we do we rely on the generosity of people willing to contribute time and resources to support independent media in Manchester.

Support our work

If you would like to support The Meteor’s work and do not wish to become a member, you can can make an individual contribution.

Your contribution can help us create an independent media source working in the interest of the local community, to amplify the voices, issues and ideas that are marginalised, under-represented or ignored by the mainstream.

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The Meteor is registered as a specific type of co-operative known as a Community Benefit Society. We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the legal name of The Manchester Meteor Limited, with the registration number: 8151. The Meteor’s entry on the FCA’s Mutuals Public Register is here.

Advertise with us

We work with organisations whose values align with ours.

If you have a product to sell, services to offer or an event to promote – get in touch.

Write for us

Do you have a story or tip you want to share?

Is there a story you really care about that is not getting the light and airing it deserves? Contact The Meteor and we can give you advice on how to report on and write the story for potential publication in The Meteor. For the right story we can also send a Meteor journalist to investigate.