“Nasi is on a ladder. Heʼs not coming down any time soon”.

As we file into the theatre Nasi is there in front of us, standing high up on the very tall ladder. His demeanor is casual and relaxed but unconvincing. This tense sight amplified by the sense that we had intruded midway through a private conflict is confirmed when  another man enters, Bertrand, who stares at him intensely.

Bert insists that Nasi come down from the ladder but Nasi refuses. Bert continues to implore Nasi and appeals to the audience to help. Sometimes awkward; sometimes hilarious, deeply emotional, interspersed with music, the opposition between Nasi and Bert plays out.

Following on from Eurohouse and Palmyra, One concludes a trilogy of political plays exploring themes of polarisation and conflict, presented and performed by Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca.

After the show Meteor team members Alice, James, Robert, and Alexander share their thoughts in this audio review. Warning – contains some swearing.

More information on Bert and Nasi’s productions can be found at https://bertandnasi.com.

Alexander Cannell

This project is supported by HOME Manchester’s Inspire scheme, which provides £1 theatre tickets to local community groups. Next month we will be reviewing another show. If you would like to join us for this, please get in touch – you don’t need any experience, just an interest and willingness to get involved in a relaxed conversation after the show.

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