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Homelessness is a visibly growing problem in Manchester. When asked what concerns Mancunians have about their city, homelessness was one of the top issues mentioned. The Meteor has subsequently covered a range of stories relating to homelessness over the past year and have now been awarded funding, by Lush Charity Pot,  to take a deeper look into this issue through a research, reporting and public engagement project.

Walking around the streets of Manchester it is impossible to miss the increasing numbers of rough sleepers in the city. Rough sleeping across England has more than doubled from 1,768 in 2010, to 4,134 in 2016. In Manchester there has been an even greater 11 fold increase in rough sleepers, from just 7 in 2010, to 78 in 2016. But it is becoming increasingly acknowledged that rough sleeping is just the tip of the iceberg, and that homelessness is just one of the more visible symptoms of a wider systemic crisis. As The Meteor explores the issue in Manchester, we aim to place stories of homelessness within this wider context.

Get involved: commissioned content

Over the coming months, The Meteor is commissioning paid written and video content on the current state of homelessness in Manchester, as well as the causes and potential solutions of this growing problem. We welcome pitches from local people interested in reporting on this issue. For more information on what we are looking for and how pitch to us email:

Get involved: research project

The Meteor recently reported on research carried out in London, which measured the state and impact of homelessness in the local area of Newham. We are now replicating this research in Manchester by carrying out interviews with people who have faced homelessness and/or who have asked the Manchester City Council to provide housing to them within the past 12 months. We are partnering with a number of local groups and organisations to complete this research, and ask anyone that could help us with this research, by connecting us with respondents and/or helping with carrying out interviews (training will be provided), to please get in touch by emailing

Public event

Our findings from the research and reporting elements of this project will be shared at a public event in the new year, where people will have the opportunity to discuss the topics covered and connect with each other over this issue. Attendees will also have a chance to suggest the topic for our next The Meteor Explores project.

About The Meteor Explores

The Meteor Explores is a series of projects where we take an in depth look at a range of different issues which have been identified as of particular concern or interest to the people of Manchester. The first in this series is looking at homelessness in the city. If you know of an issue which you think could be suitable for our next project, please email us at


The Meteor Team

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    Co-founder and Co-editor of The Meteor, Alice is a community worker and journalist from Manchester who works across a range of roles including youth work, community organising, video production and creative documentation of non-profit projects. Alice is interested in how the stories we create and share shape the world we live in, and how communities can take ownership of their stories and build trust with local independent media to build collective power.


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