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Cracking Good Food’s guide contains budget recipes, meal plans and shopping lists to help people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Local community venture Cracking Good Food is offering a free resource designed to support people in maintaining a healthy diet while dealing with the food and fuel crisis.

The 8-page booklet includes a ‘save fuel meal plan’, put together by Cracking Good Food’s in-house nutritionist Amanda Aitken, as well as low-fuel cooking and lifestyle tips, and nutrition guides for different communities including South Asian and African and Caribbean. 

Along with the booklet are recipe cards and shopping lists for the week, budgeted at £45-60 for a family of four, based on Aldi and Tesco’s own brand prices as of April this year.

The resource has been produced as part of Cracking Good Food’s mission to alleviate food poverty and increase food security in Greater Manchester.

The Manchester-based social enterprise teaches people how to cook affordable, healthy and tasty food from scratch. It runs a cookery school in Didsbury, the fees from which support the work it does with communities experiencing food poverty across Greater Manchester. 

As well as delivering support on the ground, Cracking Good Food also campaigns around food security, and is part of the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance

The Meteor met Cracking Good Food’s Co-Director Tracey Torley at the Enough is Enough rally held at Manchester Cathedral earlier this month. Tracey explained that they were there to connect with other organisations and find out what action can be taken together. 

“We know that the issue is just exacerbating, and we want to know how and what we can do to support people”, said Tracey. The Enough is Enough campaign demands include capping energy bills, raising workers’ pay, creating decent homes for all, ending food poverty and increasing taxes on the rich.

Campaigns such as Enough is Enough have generated mass support in response to the current cost-of-living crisis which has seen soaring energy prices. On 8 September the Conservative government announced a measure which will freeze the average household energy bill at £2,500 per year for the next two years. 

However this figure still means a typical household will be paying double what they were last year, and households with higher energy needs will pay much more. There are currently an estimated 6.7 million households living in fuel poverty in the UK.

Speaking about the resource Cracking Good Food has created, Tracey said:

“Households across the country are being sharply hit by the cost-of-living crisis, and whilst at Cracking Good Food we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to help boost confidence and cook-from-scratch skills in the kitchen, we are limited in the ways with which we can widely share practical tips. 

“With the guidance of our in-house nutritionist, we have created our ‘Power Up the Flavour’ FREE 8 page booklet designed to help people maintain a healthy and nutritious diet whilst cooking low fuel dishes.”

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