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  • Conrad Bower

    Reporting interests include social justice, the environment, and human rights. A staunch advocate for the scientific method and rational debate for understanding the world - he believes only greater public understanding and engagement with the problems affecting society, can produce the progressive change we need. Co-founder of The Meteor.


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  1. this has happened with myself on several occasions I have even been told there going to take me to court if I don’t pay an additional £60 a month to catch up on payments (I get full housing benifit) yet somehow I’m constantly getting phone calls about n9t paying them

  2. ‘re the Northwards tenant article – “Frank has now lodged an internal appeal against the Ombudsman decision”…. There is no one in the Ombudsman Service, however senior, who can change the decision of an Ombudsman, once made. The only way to challenge an Ombudsman decision is by way of a Judicial Review application, and this must be made at the earliest possible time, and within three months of the decision date.

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