Four-day festival in Manchester, 19-22 June, aims to reconnect and invigorate activists and campaigners across the Greater Manchester region.

The Dream Weavers Gathering, on 19-22 June in Manchester, aims to provide a space “where we can celebrate all the work that unites us as we challenge injustice,” say the organisers.

Aimed at activists from across Greater Manchester, the event held at Oppidan Social on Edge St in the Northern Quarter plans to give a space for activists, who may have been forced to work remotely over the pandemic, a chance to mingle in person and “weave together the work already being done to heal, re-imagine and renew systems” across the region.

The event organisers are Greater Manchester System Changers (GMSC) and Lankelly Chase, and the gathering will include contributions from campaigns they have been involved with previous to the pandemic and those that ran through it, and is open to all campaigners working towards creating a better society in the region.

Matthew Kidd, an organiser with GMSC, said that the event had been two years in the making and that GMSC had formed to, “connect, support or fund organisations and networks that are seeking to disrupt patterns or help new patterns that contribute to a world healed by justice, equity and inclusion.

“The gathering will see these organisations and networks come together with fellow dreamers and travellers to celebrate everything that has been achieved during this time, share the learning from this work, collectively make sense of the work which has been carried out and to dream our way into a liberated Greater Manchester in which we can all thrive.”

One of the zones on offer over the four days will be dedicated to “A Spaces Exhibition” which will showcase the work of organisations that received support from the Spaces Fund run by the organisers, which gave community groups and individuals the resources to pursue their ethically minded and community building projects.

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Tickets for the Dream Weavers Gathering can be booked on Eventbrite, and further details can be found on the GMSC website.

A “Market Stall” zone will also be available for community groups or organisations to promote themselves and provide campaign information and materials. To accommodate threads and themes that arise during the event an “Open Space” zone is also provided to further develop the concepts raised. There are also workshops planned for the four days, covering campaigning and creative skills, with full details to be confirmed prior to the event. The gathering is split into four different themes over the four days.

Sunday 19 June: Young people’s voices.

Monday 20 June: Unheard people’s voices.

Tuesday 21 June: More than voice: celebrating Solstice, kinship, and creativity.

Wednesday 22 June: Dreaming and weaving the future we want.

Free hot food is provided for each day of the gathering with vegan and veggie options on offer. British Sign Language interpreters are available throughout the four days and the entire venue is accessible by ramps and lifts. Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite and further details of the event are available on the GMSC website.

Carrina Gaffney, action inquiry manager at Lankelly Chase, said:

“Our mission is to challenge injustice and create the conditions for much healthier systems to emerge. We do this by supporting action that reveals, questions and dismantles systems of oppression or supporting people who are looking to heal, reimagine and transform systems. 

“This is the first Dream Weavers Gathering and we will be celebrating all the people and the work already happening that unites us as we challenge injustice. Where we can weave together the work already being done in communities to heal, re-imagine and renew systems so that all people can live with dignity and opportunity in supportive communities. It will also be a gathering for us to dream into a future where equity, justice, and even liberation are the strongest threads that bind us together.”

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Conrad Bower received funding from the organisers of this event, for work in a Disrupting Narratives group in 2021.

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