General Election 2019

The big day is here! What has been called the most important General Election in a generation is upon us. The stakes couldn’t be higher, with the future of the NHS, public services, climate change and our position in Europe on the table.

This has been a rambunctious campaign, characterised by an increasing amount of digitally dispersed spin and lies from certain sections of the political parties who are running for the ultimate seat of power in the UK. How effective this controversial campaigning has been will become apparent as the results roll in.

You can see those results come in below on our handy map, which will be updated shortly after each result is announced. Flick between the “Result 2017” and “Result 2019” tabs to compare election results.

The current parliament data in chart below will be replaced with live results/changes on election night, tonight. Click parties, to remove them, to see what coalitions could be formed to get a majority government of over 325 seats:

Search out your constituency, or any other you are interested in, and see who is the incumbent MP and how the constituency voted in the Leave/Remain referendum:

Thanks to our friends at Flourish and Democracy Club for the map, chart and table.  There will be tears and laughter aplenty as the night progresses: who will have the last laugh remains to be seen. The polls have been wrong before…


Conrad Bower

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Change to article: The coalition majority chart and the searchable constituency table was added on 12 December, at 15:05.

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