Mindful meditation helps young homeless people express their emotions by "putting their feelings on paper".

Young homeless people from the charity Depaul UK have been creating mindful art. The weekly sessions have allowed them to discuss and express their feelings and gain confidence. The Owl and The Coconut is the mindful art organisation that has been holding the emotionally and mentally beneficial sessions since June 2015.  Their work supports people in creative activities through mindful meditation.


The group’s work is currently being exhibited and is available to buy from Nexus Art Gallery in Manchester, following the exhibition launch on the 3 October. Visitors can bid on the event by blind auction until the closing event on the 9 November. All proceeds will go towards funding a trip overseas for young service users of Depaul UK.

This body of work has been displayed in Nexus Art Gallery alongside the Back Inside The Box exhibition which ended on the 22 October. Back Inside The Box is an annual homeless art festival featuring work from homeless artists in partnership with a range of homeless services in Manchester.

Alice Toomer – McAlpine

Featured Image via Youtube screengrab


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  • Alice Toomer-McAlpine

    Co-founder and Co-editor of The Meteor, Alice is a community worker and journalist from Manchester who works across a range of roles including youth work, community organising, video production and creative documentation of non-profit projects. Alice is interested in how the stories we create and share shape the world we live in, and how communities can take ownership of their stories and build trust with local independent media to build collective power.


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