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Community map launched by Afzal Khan, MP for Manchester Gorton, in partnership with tech platform aDoddle aims to help people ‘find help, give help and connect locally’.


Aiming to connect people and organisations across Gorton in Manchester the new community map launched by Gorton MP Afzal Khan in partnership with tech platform aDoddle aims to put community groups, charities and other socially minded organisations working for positive social change – on the map.

The partners in the launch of the map state that they hope it will go some way to tackle the isolation and loneliness that have become increasingly widespread over the course of the last year dominated by pandemic lockdown restrictions. The tech platform’s tagline “Find help, give help and connect locally” succinctly summarises what the map aims to do for people living in Gorton. Afzal Khan MP said:

“I am very excited about the opportunities this new Manchester Gorton community map will provide local organisations, community groups, and charities. Throughout the past year, I have been continually impressed at how the community has come together to support one another during such a difficult time.  It is my hope that this new community map provided by aDoddle will allow this community spirit to live on and bring together organisations and individuals from across Manchester Gorton in making our community an even better place to live.”

Manchester Gorton Community Map image
Manchester Gorton Community Map on the aDoddle platform: image: aDoddle

Adding an organisations profile to the map is free, and aDoodle ask five key things that their research says people most want to know: “Who they help, how they help, the difference they make, the help they need and how to contact them.” The map also aims to offer an opportunity for local businesses to support grass roots projects in Gorton and forge stronger links between communities.

Jaki King, CEO and Founder of aDoddle said: “It is wonderful for aDoddle to be working alongside Afzal to bring a map to the Manchester Gorton community. This is about building a resource first and foremost for local people and local communities.  This map is an opportunity for every local charity, community group and organisation to show how they are helping and what help they need in support the most vulnerable people in the local community. Together, we can make it ‘aDoddle’ for people to find, access & give support locally.”The aDoddle platform also provides maps for other areas across the UK, there is also a Greater Manchester map, and they are actively seeking partner organisations so that more areas can have their own maps.

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Feature image: Wikimedia Commons

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