Manchester Day 2018

On Sunday, people from across Manchester saw the city celebrated through a day of art, music, food and fun.

Manchester Day 2018 was the perfect picture of the city’s great talent, overwhelming creativity and diverse cultures. Once again Manchester stood together, crowding the city centre streets to get a glance of the loud and colourful parade. From samba to bagpipes, young to old, the city came alive on Sunday in a vivid display of its offerings.

Manchester has a rich history of celebrating diversity and the overtly weird and wonderful, but Manchester Day 2018 would have been nothing without the 60,000 people proudly representing for the other 364 Manchester days of the year, who not only lined the streets to cheer on the parade, but continued to spread good vibes across the city throughout the day.


Words: Alice Toomer – McAlpine and Tegan Pearce

Photos: Francesca Nottola, James KA Baker, Nargis Lalee and Tegan Pearce

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