The Meteor has been independently reporting online since October 2016. We at have also produced a variety of one of special edition publications on specific themes. Below you can access our back catalogue of special edition publications.

Lush Summit 2018

In this publication we give you a flavour of the breadth of global issues that were debated and discussed at Lush Cosmetic’s 2018 annual Lush Summit, and the inspirational work of grassroots groups to global campaigns committed to tackling these issues.


Some of the highlights and themes of the summit included:

  • A talk given by Techfugees, a not-for-profit organisation committed to harnessing digital technology to help displaced people across the world
  • The drone strike assassination programmes of the UK and US
  • Talks given by a coalition of women’s groups on issues affecting women in the UK and beyond
  • Nature and sustainability, with Satish Kumar
  • Permaculture in Kenya
  • Disabled People Against Cuts calling for an end to the ‘conscious cruelty’ of Universal Credit
  • Free and liberating computer software, with Richard Stallman

To read or download a PDF file of the Lush Summmit publication – click here

The Meteor Explores: Homelessness in Manchester

With generous support from The Lush Charity Pot, The Meteor investigated the rise in homelessness across Manchester. This special edition, published in February 2018, looks at the main causes of homelessness: the austerity-driven economic agenda and failed housing policy of government. It also gives a voice to the homeless to relate their experiences of living on the streets of Manchester and reports on initiatives that could reduce the problem.


Some of the focuses of this special edition were:

  • Domestic abuse and life on the streets
  • Housing Co-ops as a the solution to the crisis
  • Andy Burnham and the ‘humanitarian crisis’ of rough sleeping in Greater Manchester
  • Manchester’s rise in B&B homeless accommodation
  • The experience of living on the streets of Manchester, as told by Oliver Martin
  • Black Activists Rise Against Cuts – supporting those at the sharp end of austerity
  • The promising results of the city’s Housing First strategy
  • The effects of austerity on homelessness.

To read or download a PDF file of the The Meteor Explores Homelessness – click here

Not the Fake News

This single edition newspaper from 2017, written in one day by a group of displaced people in collaboration with Manchester-based journalists and migration researchers from the University of Manchester’s Migration Lab, argues that the mainstream media has misrepresented stories around refuge and asylum issues by distorting plain facts and statistics.


This newspaper offers the real stories of refuge and asylum, told by the people who have direct experience of these issues and by those who research them. Some of the stories focus on:

  • How Britain, far from being a country of sanctuary for those fleeing persecution or conflict, has become a ‘hostile environment’ for those seeking asylum.
  • Tackling the misconception that asylum-seekers only come to the UK to claim benefits.
  • And how extreme poverty is the only real outcome for those who have claimed asylum in the UK

To read or download a PDF file of Not The Fake News – click here