Photograph of newly-built residential towers in the Manchester skyline, against an overcast but bright sky.

Joe Malamed's new film looks at the effects of property investment in Manchester on the people who actually live here.

Set for release in early 2023, Block To Block considers the wider impacts of the increase in new residential property in central Manchester. While developer cash brings much needed investment to the city, the benefits aren’t distributed equally, nor where they are most needed. Joe Malamed’s film highlights the effects on existing Manchester communities, and asks who these developments really benefit.

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Featured image: Joe Malamed

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  • Katy Preen

    Katy is the Production Team member for Ethics, Governance and Compliance, and is a member of the Trans Journalists Association. They like to report on politics, environment and data stories. Katy has lived in Manchester since 2001.

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  1. I think the city as a whole benefitted a lot from the property boom. A lot of ‘outside money’ poured into Manchester that would otherwise go to, London for example. The city councils also benefitted a lot in Section 106s.

    The development of affordable housing or even better, social housing, should not fall on the shoulders of commercial developers. With all the increased council taxes received by councils due to 1,000s of dwellings completed each year, can the council start council house building programme or at least have designated sites for council housing in good areas. For example in some of these glass towers, can the council not pay £200m for example to build 100-200 flats?

    I have got too much to say in this area and I am looking forward to watch the programme in 2023.

  2. Very excited for this video, I wrote about similar issues facing “developed” London areas for university, including the demolition of the Heygate estate, and the affordability vs sustainability debate, very complicated and important issues that have been progressing here in Manchester for a long time.

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