bike park in Little Hulton

Crowdfunder launched to provide support for disabled young people's cycle lessons at the new bike and skate park in Little Hulton, Salford.


The old bowling green at Peel Park in Little Hulton, is currently being turned into a new bike park, to give young people a safe space to cycle and skate. While the track is paid for, the Access Sport charity is fundraising to teach 150 disabled young people to ride a bike, or improve their cycling skills, by bringing in specialist coaching and equipment.

The track itself is being created with support from Access Sport, The London Marathon Charitable Trust, Places to Ride, Little Hulton Big Local and Salford City Council which owns the land and will maintain the park.

The facility is for community use and there will be an inclusive cycling club led by volunteers. However, the Access Sport charity is determined to also make the track enjoyable and useful for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities, and has launched a fundraising appeal to enable it to teach 150 disabled young people to ride a bike, or improve their cycling skills, by bringing in qualified Level 2 BMX cycling coaches and specialist equipment.

Plan for bike park in Peel Park.
Plan for bike park in Peel Park. Image: Crowdfunder

The fundraising has a goal of £15,750, and the London Marathon Charitable Trust will match every pound donated, up to a ceiling of £5,000, through its Strategic Partnership Grants Programme. So every donation is effectively worth double…

“Raising these funds is not simply about enabling us to help young people improve their cycling skills” says Joe McTague, Delivery Director at Access Sport “There’s so much more to be gained. The benefits of being active are clear, and for too long, people with the most to gain have been the least active. Not only will our programme help young, disabled people increase their activity, it will also enable them to gain the confidence to try something new and increase their sense of independence, all whilst enjoying an opportunity to get outside and join in” he adds “What’s more, the programme will provide an opportunity for these individuals to meet new people and make friends, developing important communication and teamwork skills, this truly goes beyond biking alone!”

Alison Jones, Development Manager Little Hulton Big Local, says: “As a resident led organisation, time and time again we heard that our young people wanted something bikeable or skateable in the park. We are very happy that their ideas have been heard and that we will have an amazing bike track on Peel Park, Little Hulton. We want all young people to be able to use the track including those with disabilities.”

Article first published in the Salford Star – 11 April 2021.

To find out further details and to donate see the Crowdfunder page Cycling for Salford – click here.

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Featured image: Cycling For Salford Crowdfunder (showing a previously built bike track that is similar to the one being built in Peel Park).

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