Rising Up! Manchester Families have worked with Greater Manchester Housing Action, Climate Emergency Manchester and Steady State Manchester to formulate a response to the Manchester Local Plan. The response can be used and adapted by anyone wishing to comment on the Local Plan before the consultation closes at 5pm, this Friday 1 May.

First published in Rising Up Manchester Families, April 2020

Manchester City Council have put forward a proposal for how the Greater Manchester area should be developed over the next 15 years. The proposal is almost unchanged from the 2012 plan, despite a decade of huge changes. It is not the vision we need for a resilient city which is a safe place for families and people of all ages. There are so many inspiring examples from cities across the world which could help us but the current plan is mostly business as usual.

Rising Up! Manchester Families has worked on a response to the consultation with Climate Emergency Manchester, Greater Manchester Housing Action and Steady State Manchester. It is a call to put the needs of people at the very heart of planning, to make communities which work for everyone. At this stage the consultation is mostly about principles, not specific developments etc. although we have included detailed objections to the plans regarding growth of Manchester Airport which are not compatible with their commitments on climate.

Here is the link to a Skeleton response to Manchester Local Plan Issues Consultation 2020

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There are two ways of using this. The two minute version is to send the above link in an email to the council’s consultation site When the consultation closes we’ll edit it so it no longer says “skeleton”. Suggested email text below.

You could also use the skeleton as the basis for your response adding and amending as you see fit. Download and amend if so. While we called it a skeleton, it is pretty comprehensive but you will likely have additional things to add and you might not agree with everything we’ve put down.  It does not necessarily reflect the view of all those organisations involved in the collaboration. So please feel free to use it as you see best.

Here’s that link again:

Here’s the consultation email address:

Email text

Email subject: Manchester Local Plan Issues Consultation Response


This is the link to my response to the Manchester Local Plan Issues Consultation. Please send me a response to confirm receipt.

Yours faithfully


First published in Rising Up Manchester Families, April 2020

Here’s a link to the online consultation:

Feature image: William McCue on Unsplash

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